5 Industries That Depend on Explosion Proof Lighting

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Over 4,000 United States workers were killed while working in 2014. Some of these deaths could have been prevented with explosion proof lighting.

When you're working in a confined space and must operate near explosive and flammable gases, it can be very dangerous.

These flammable gases, like methane, propane, hydrogen, and other hydrocarbons, can cause massive amounts of damage and loss of life if ignited. That is why safety lighting, like explosion proof LEDs, are required to ensure safety.

Standard lighting doesn't offer these same benefits. It may pose a threat to employees that are in small spaces, such as tanks, pipes, manhole, sewers, and vents. If any particle of the flammable gas is ignited, it will start a chain reaction that can be cataclysmic.

Also, the oil and gas industries may have accidents when using regular duty lighting. Keep reading to find out about all the industries that use explosion proof lighting on the job.


In an underground mine, it's vital to have safe lighting that efficiently provides illumination.

Explosion hazards require the use of explosion proof lighting. It's because firedamp concentration can be extremely high, resulting in an environment that is primed to ignite.

Inside the mine, electricity must be used carefully to be safe. To prevent explosions, mine ventilation is used in conjunction with installing the proper lighting.

For a mining company to be the most effective, they must embrace technology as it advances, and that includes installing a proper lighting system.

Petrochemical Plants

A petrochemical plant is designed to convert natural resources, like natural gas, ores, crude oil, and minerals, into the building blocks for a wide variety of industrial processes.

Some of the products made at these plants are butadiene, ethylene, propylene, and aromatics. Over the past decade, the plants have increased greatly in both their size and capacity.

As the industry expands, its lighting requirements grow. It's time to reexamine the needs of the petrochemical industry to allow for top quality safety as new employees join the workforce to power these necessary plants.

Wastewater Facilities

Every community must have a wastewater facility to clean their sewage. The smell can be atrocious, but this discomfort is only a small hint of the abundant hazards that can be encountered while working at a waste treatment plant.

The main gases of concern to a wastewater treatment facility are methane and hydrogen sulfide. Many plants also suffer from lack of oxygen at times.

Eliminating these gases is practically impossible, so using safety lighting is imperative.


The rigors and hazards of the marine industry require proper preparation to prevent a disaster from happening.

When you are working underwater in a submarine or galley, it can be very dangerous if an explosion were to occur.

If traditional lights were used, it would be easy for a spark to ignite any gas leak that may have happened.


When you're painting an auto body, the fumes can be very intense. Explosion proof lighting is necessary to keep those fumes from igniting in the off chance that something goes wrong.

Since you'll be working hard on your customer's cars, you want to be sure you take every precaution to keep them safe.

Where to Buy Explosion Proof Lighting

If you are looking to purchase safer lighting for your business, check out AE Light.  We  have the industry experience to give you the quality work you both need and desire.

AE Light is your one stop for a wide range of LED flashlights, searchlights, solar lights, HID electronic ballasts, hazardous location lighting and portable energy-saving lighting solutions.

What are the Cost Benefits of Solar Lighting?

When you want to illuminate your home or business effectively, it's time to step into new, green-friendly technology.

About 5 percent of your home energy costs go toward lighting, so solar lighting can be just the change you need.

Revolutionize your energy use by learning how these benefits can enhance your quality of life.

What Are Some Solar Lighting Benefits

If you're thinking about buying solar lighting, learn why it's worth your time.

Let these three tips guide you:

#1: You Lower Your Energy Bills

The average electric bill costs more than $100 per month, and lights are a big contributor to these bills.

By harnessing the sun's natural power, you won't have to worry about traditional electrical costs. As you can imagine, doing away with this cost will lower your overhead budget.

Using solar lights also means you avoid dealing with the fluctuation that happens with your electric bills.

#2: You Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

There's little to no maintenance involved with buying and using solar lights.

They're lightweight, easy to use, and will let you get high performance every day. The only maintenance you'll really need to worry about is changing your solar battery every 5 years or so.

Lowering your maintenance costs frees up money for other necessary expenses.

#3: You Can Receive Tax Credits

You're making a decision that saves the planet when you invest in solar-powered lighting.

These lights don't give off emissions, which means you're being protective for the planet. Using these lights helps you switch from traditional energy sources, so you're only relying on Mother Nature.

The government wants to push you toward this clean form of energy, which is why they offer tax credits.

Make sure your lighting system is approved for a tax credit, so that you'll get more money back the next time that you file.

Taking advantage of such a tax break helps your solar light system pay for itself.

Types Of Solar Lighting

Now that you can see why solar lights are worth the value, you'll need to assess how you want to use them.

For instance, solar lights are valuable, whether you want to upgrade your home lighting, handle construction projects or look for cost-cutting measures in your company.

You can purchase entire lighting systems for a building or portable light systems in the form of flashlights and lamps. Many professionals also sell emergency solar light setups, which cut on during power outages.

Assess the needs of your home or business so that you have a clearer picture of what you want to buy.

Work With The Right Lighting Company

Hiring a credible company is the final step toward meeting your solar light needs.

Locate the right mix of quality, affordability, and inventory selection. When these three matters add up, you'll make the best purchase.

If this is what you need, we'll be happy to show you the inventory of solar light products we offer.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your lighting needs further.

5 Reasons Why High Quality Flashlights Need To Be In Your Home

5 Reasons Why High Quality Flashlights Need To Be In Your Home Every home needs to be equipped with the appropriate tools for maximum safety and functionality.

One of those tools is a flashlight. Did you know high-quality flashlights are not just for outdoor survival? In fact, many households make use of them daily for a variety of purposes. They can be your companion in doing simple everyday tasks or a great ally in discovering a threat.

A flashlight can be used for hands-free work at night, such as lighting up your home, finding things if your electricity is out, or even scaring away burglars and other intruders.

So, keep reading to discover the 5 best uses for a flashlight in your home.

1. To Use in the Dark

The most obvious use of a flashlight is to light up a dark room in the home. You can also use it to find things in your garage, backyard, or shack if you don't have electricity installed there.

Alternatively, you can use it as a main light source if you work on something at night or when you need a brighter light for detailed projects.

2. To Identify Possible Threats

High-quality flashlightscan be excellent tools for identifying threats like burglars, stalkers, or intruders.

If you hear someone or something breaking into your home, grab an object for self-defense and a flashlight to identify the intruder. No matter what the threat is, seeing it before it comes too close can save your life.

Also, if your flashlight has a strobing feature, the bright blinking light will temporarily blind the threat, giving you more time to react or call 911.

3. To Use During Power Shortages

Power shortages and blackoutscan cause panic and disorder in residential areas. With that being said, you should always have a flashlight near you to help you navigate.

They're especially useful if the blackout lasts more than 24 hours.

Get a flashlight for each family member during the outage and carry it all the time.

4. To Use as a Self-Defense Weapon

Besides for light, high-quality flashlights can also serve as a self-defense weapon in some situations.

This may sound extreme, but life is unpredictable and you never know when you might need to protect yourself from a person or animal.

Flashlights are heavy and most of them have raised edges around the light lens. You can use these features to hit the attacker, which will disable or disorient them temporarily so you can escape to safety.

5. As Part of a First Aid Kit

Flashlights are typically included in survival or outdoor kits, but they can be of great use in a first aid kit.

For example, if someone has an injury that's not very visible in regular light (or you're in the middle of a power outage), a flashlight will help you inspect the injury and see how severe it is.

Also, a flashlight will give you a closer look into the injury to better treat the victim fast! It’s a good idea to pack a flashlight in your first aid kit and store either in your car, home, or on a camping trip.

Bottom Line

Having a flashlight in your home is sometimes overlooked, but a necessity. It can help you in many situations, and it may even save your life if you're in danger.

AE Light offers high-quality portable lighting for various purposes. We invite you to browse our productsand contact us if you have any questions.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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