5 Industries That Depend on Explosion Proof Lighting

Over 4,000 United States workers were killed while working in 2014. Some of these deaths could have been prevented with explosion proof lighting.

When you’re working in a confined space and must operate near explosive and flammable gases, it can be very dangerous.

These flammable gases, like methane, propane, hydrogen, and other hydrocarbons, can cause massive amounts of damage and loss of life if ignited. That is why safety lighting, like explosion proof LEDs, are required to ensure safety.

Standard lighting doesn’t offer these same benefits. It may pose a threat to employees that are in small spaces, such as tanks, pipes, manhole, sewers, and vents. If any particle of the flammable gas is ignited, it will start a chain reaction that can be cataclysmic.

Also, the oil and gas industries may have accidents when using regular duty lighting. Keep reading to find out about all the industries that use explosion proof lighting on the job.


In an underground mine, it’s vital to have safe lighting that efficiently provides illumination.

Explosion hazards require the use of explosion proof lighting. It’s because firedamp concentration can be extremely high, resulting in an environment that is primed to ignite.

Inside the mine, electricity must be used carefully to be safe. To prevent explosions, mine ventilation is used in conjunction with installing the proper lighting.

For a mining company to be the most effective, they must embrace technology as it advances, and that includes installing a proper lighting system.

Petrochemical Plants

A petrochemical plant is designed to convert natural resources, like natural gas, ores, crude oil, and minerals, into the building blocks for a wide variety of industrial processes.

Some of the products made at these plants are butadiene, ethylene, propylene, and aromatics. Over the past decade, the plants have increased greatly in both their size and capacity.

As the industry expands, its lighting requirements grow. It’s time to reexamine the needs of the petrochemical industry to allow for top quality safety as new employees join the workforce to power these necessary plants.

Wastewater Facilities

Every community must have a wastewater facility to clean their sewage. The smell can be atrocious, but this discomfort is only a small hint of the abundant hazards that can be encountered while working at a waste treatment plant.

The main gases of concern to a wastewater treatment facility are methane and hydrogen sulfide. Many plants also suffer from lack of oxygen at times.

Eliminating these gases is practically impossible, so using safety lighting is imperative.


The rigors and hazards of the marine industry require proper preparation to prevent a disaster from happening.

When you are working underwater in a submarine or galley, it can be very dangerous if an explosion were to occur.

If traditional lights were used, it would be easy for a spark to ignite any gas leak that may have happened.


When you’re painting an auto body, the fumes can be very intense. Explosion proof lighting is necessary to keep those fumes from igniting in the off chance that something goes wrong.

Since you’ll be working hard on your customer’s cars, you want to be sure you take every precaution to keep them safe.

Where to Buy Explosion Proof Lighting

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