How To Choose an Industrial Flashlight

If you’re in a rugged environment, it’s a good idea to carry an industrial flashlight. Actually, these devices are handy to have in everyday conditions as well, not just for the survivalists and outdoors enthusiasts among us.

If you have a weather-proof safety kit at home, you need a good, durable flashlight. If you drive at night often or are in the field of personal security, a reliable flashlight is a must.

Check out the following guide to choosing an industrial flashlight.

The Basics

To understand what an industrial flashlight can offer, you need to understand the basic anatomy of a flashlight.

A typical flashlight is comprised of 5 standards parts. These include:

  • Bezel: or outer rim, this is the area the light appears to project from
  • Head unit or housing: this contains the light
  • Battery compartment: contains a number of battery options
  • Pocket clip: for ease of carrying
  • Tail cap: secures batteries in the compartment

Flashlight components can be made with a number of materials for varied activities and utilities. Put together, they make up the basics of a flashlight.

Characteristics of an Industrial Flashlight

When buying an industrial flashlight you need to think about what it is you are looking for in your purchase.

Here are several characteristics of an industrial flashlight:

  • Everyday Carry or EDC: If you’re carrying a flashlight for your job, you probably want something easy to carry. This may mean you need to purchase a flashlight that’s smaller in size or has a metal pocket clip.
  • Tactical: Depending on your use, you may want to consider a tactical flashlight. These are flashlights that can be used with, or as, a weapon. Usually, users look for lightweight, reliable flashlights for this purpose.
  • Hand-cranked flashlight: For those people who live in or travel to areas that are prone to emergencies or loss of power, a hand-cranked flashlight is the only way to go.
  • Throw flashlight: The term refers to how far the light can carry. Battery life, type, and power output are essential components here.
  • Headlight or headlamp: A headlight is a good, mountable high beam flashlight for cyclists, hikers and other travelers who need to be hands-free.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Remember, battery life is always an issue for industrial flashlights.

These are some examples of standard uses for flashlights. Thinking about how you need to use your flashlight will help shape your next purchase.

Selecting the Right One for You

When it comes to shopping for an industrial flashlight, there are a number of things to consider. Among these are:


Think about whether you need a metal clip or if a plastic one is fine. Do you need a waterproof flashlight? A rechargeable battery?

Your flashlight is only as good as its basic components so make sure that they work for you.

Use Case

How you plan to use your flashlight will determine which type of flashlight you need. There are a number of options from tactical to hand-crank that can make all the difference when you are out in the thick of it.

Look for a Quality Supplier for your Industrial Flashlight

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