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AE LIGHT is a market leading innovator of High Performance Portable Lighting & HID Electronic ballast. In partnership with Auerswald Systems, & EPL our electronic ballast and portable lighting are used in a variety of high demand applications where performance and quality are first consideration.

AE LIGHT products include: HID electronic ballasts for Metal Halide, Xenon, & Mercury; Portable HID Lighting, HID Flashlights, HID Searchlights, Dive lights, solar street lighting, solar outdoor lighting, powerful LED flashlights, LED tactical Flashlights, fireman lights, outdoor Solar Lights, HID flashlights, battery operated HID Spotlight, hazardous area lights, explosion proof lights, Class 1 Division 1 lights, HID aircraft lighting, medical lights, fiber optic lights, and Infrared lights. Designed and manufactured for Quality, Efficiency, and Durability.

As a company ‘where quality shines first’, AE LIGHT is committed to offering the best quality portable lighting, solar lights and electronic ballasts for a variety of high demand applications where superior quality and high performance are a mandate.

Quality, Efficiency and Durability are the hallmarks of each and every lighting product and solutions designed and supplied by AE LIGHT. The company’s innovation takes off from the point where the endeavors of others end – a unique quality that gives AE LIGHT a great reputation and strong leverage in the market.

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