5 Reasons to Carry a Flashlight for Self-Defense

With nearly 350,000 robberies committed a year, there’s no telling when you might be a victim of a crime or a sudden attack.

One of the best ways you can be prepared is to carry something to help you in self-defense. If you’re properly trained in defending yourself, one of your best allies could be a carrying a flashlight for self-defense.

Whether you work late at night or live in a neighborhood that has crime issues, having the right tool can help you stay safe. Carrying a flashlight for self-defense doesn’t mean it has to be a weapon.

There are several ways you can use a flashlight to stay safe. Here are 5 reasons to carry a flashlight with you.

1. Light Dark Areas

While it might seem obvious, there could be danger lurking behind every dark space. Lighting a space up to check for any threats could neutralize or eliminate them entirely.

When taking out the trash or the dog at night, shining a light around the corner of a dark alley can make criminals take a step back. You’ll be alert to your surroundings and alert criminals that you’re ready.

2. Brightness Can Defend You

If you get a powerful flashlight, they might have high-intensity LEDs that will cause flash blindness to an attacker for a few seconds with direct exposure. While that might seem like a trivial amount of time, during an attack, a few seconds can make all the difference.

If it’s at night, it could take longer for someone’s eyes to adjust from the sudden blindness of looking directly into a flashlight.

Additionally, there are various environments where a powerful light is necessary for safety. For instance, they’re essential for law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, firefighters, and campers to name a few.

3. They’re Durable

A solid flashlight will be made of sturdy materials with a bit of heft. A flashlight for self-defense can make any strikes you land ten times as strong as your arms could swing.

While this isn’t the ideal situation to be in, having a flashlight that’s dependable and useful could save your life. Find one made of aircraft grade aluminum for sturdiness. Other features to consider include a waterproof design, a push button on/off power switch and a battery life of over 90 minutes of continuous use.

4. They Can Be Rigid

Many flashlights have sharp or rigid edges that can severely stun your attacker when you strike them. By aiming at the attacker’s neck, you could get them out of your way in an instant, allowing you to escape while they recover.

5. Alert Traffic

There are as many reasons to have a flashlight in your home as there are to have one in your vehicle.

A flashlight can help you alert traffic if your vehicle is disabled or if you need help. Don’t point it directly at traffic, but about 10 degrees up or down from their line of sight. This light will be a signal that allows them to pull over and help you quickly.

A Flashlight for Self-Defense Is a Versatile Tool

Carrying a flashlight is an easy and practical way to stay safe. Your flashlight could save your life or the life of others in an emergency.

If you’re ready to pick up a flashlight, contact us to find the right one today.

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