LED Portable Explosion Proof Floodlights

LED Portable Explosion Proof Floodlights meets the requirement and standards of Hazard areas and environments to prevent any mishaps that may occur. The Portable LED Explosion Proof Floodlights are designed with sophisticated and advanced technology to prevent and withstand it from Fire, Storm, explosion or any other unhappy incident.

High grade extruded aluminum with optimal quality rubber on the housing of LED Portable Hazards Floodlights are used. The features like Easy to carry, highly efficient, explosion-proof, long-lasting performance, portable, and rechargeable makes Portable Explosion Floodlights a life savior. Such LED lights mostly used in Petrochemical, aircraft, gas and petroleum dock, and hazardous warehouses. Aelight has a vast collection of explosion-proof led lightings that can be used in any hazard area and can withstand even in the rigid and rough places.

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