LED Solar Street Lights

Built specifically to easily adapt to a range of applications the AE4 series is the world’s most advanced and intelligent LED solar Street lights system. This clever design and attractive, robust construction incorporates the latest solar power technology, providing many years of outstanding performance and reliability. Other solar lights house lead acid battery packs underground or on the pole which are heavy and cumbersome to handle in both installation and replacement, they are also vulnerable to water intrusion and theft. The AE4 uses an innovative patented “All-In-One” system that integrates an efficient solar panel, compact Lithium-ion LiFeP04 battery and a smart power management system in a compact easy to install a light fixture.

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Led Solar Street Lights

The All-In-One design eliminates the need for external wiring to remote battery packs and does not require an electrician to set up. All wiring is simply done with IP67 wiring looms that interconnect the high output LED luminaire directly to the power management system without requiring tools. The AE4 is designed to withstand the harshest and most extreme environments from blistering heat to driving rain, hail and sub-zero temperatures.

The AE4 series has a built-in motion detection security feature that automatically regulates the LED output from full brightness to a lower level depending upon the detection of movement around the light. Smart Eye Motion Detection is a user-defined setting that can be configured to control the LED output in various modes. The power management system continuously monitors and automatically regulates the light output taking into account various battery conditions. For instance, if the battery level decrease to 30% of capacity the light output can be programmed to dim to a lesser wattage or to only operate when the “Smart Eye” detects nearby motion.

The AE4 has adopted OSRAM’s highly acclaimed OSLON SSL LED’s as part of its design as well as Samsung 5630 LEDs depending on the preferred light beam. Both offer high-performance uniformity and efficiency not seen before in LED technology while maintaining a compact design.

The AE4 series is available in 16W, 20W, 30W, & 40W outputs. AC back up input available on special order only.

Life expectancy for the LEDs is more than 50,000 hours, providing years of trouble & maintenance-free operation.

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