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Electronic starter to start discharge lamps General Electric XENSATION D2x, Osram D2x, HTI S 35/xx, Philips D2x, MPXL-DL35, XL-2, BL-2, -RP50, -DUV, intended for our electronic power supplies EB035xxx, SYS035xx, SYS050xx.

Other lamp types and ballasts on request.

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Technical Specifications*:

  • Starter Type: Series pulse starter with asymmetrical HV output
  • HV Output Voltage, UIG:Nom. 24 kV, ≤ 20 pF load
  • Lamp Voltage, UL:Max. 400 V AC/DC
  • Lamp Current Frequency Range:DC to 1.2 kHz
  • Lamp Current, IL:Max. 0.8 A continuous operation
  • Ignition Condition: Controlled by electronic ballast
  • Lamp Holder: Integrated high voltage lamp holder for P32-d D2 base
  • Mechanical, Dimensions: Cylindrical and sealed starter module 4 mm (1.89in) diameter x 45mm (1.77in) height
  • Weight:116 g / 3.3 oz



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