70885-80W Solar Street Light SPBSGLO7

80w Solar Light Details:

Built for a range of applications this solar light, SPB-SGL-07-80W, series is the world’s most advanced LED solar light system. This clever design and attractive 80W solar light, is made of robust construction incorporating the latest solar power technology. This light provides many years of outstanding performance and reliability. Other solar lights house lead acid battery packs underground or on the pole which are heavy and cumbersome to handle in both installation and replacement. The SPB-SGL-07-80W uses an innovative patented “All-In-One” system that integrates an efficient solar panel, compact (Lithium-iron LiFePO4) battery and a smart power management system in a compact easy to install light fixture.  SPB-SGL-07-80W 


Our 80W solar light, with a uniquely integrated design (SPB-SGL-07-80W) incorporates the LED light engine. Adjustable photovoltaic panel, and long lifespan LiFePO4, 3.2V / 45,000mAh battery in one lighting system, thereby significantly simplifying installation and reducing cost.  No trenching, No cabling or on-site assembly required. An ideal plug and play system for off-grid applications. (Light head only, pole not included)

80W Solar Street Light Features

  • Auto ON/OFF, working 12hrs per night
  • 2100 Lumens
  • LEDs 160 Pcs 2835SMD
  • Battery – Lithium-iron LiFePO4 3.2V / 45,000mAh (lithium-iron ferrous phosphate)
  • Charge Time – 6-8H
  • Solar Panel – 32W/5V
  • Color Temp 3000K / 6000K
  • Total Luminous Flux – 2100lm
  • CRI – ≧80
  • High LED Luminous efficiency
  • -20˚C + 60˚C operating temperature
  • Pole Top mounting
  • 4 – 6 meters mounting height, fits standard 76mm pole
  • Weight – 21lbs
  • Lifetime – ≧50,000hrs

Solar Street Lighting Installation:

Solar lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to save energy without lowering performance. AE LIGHT offers Solar lighting, designed to produce high levels of illumination at relatively low installation costs. Installing outdoor solar lights eliminates the high cost of bringing power to an area without electricity. Meanwhile, the upfront cost of a Solar Light fixture is more than a standard fixture because it is important to compare not only the upfront costs but the long term savings in energy, maintenance, replacement, and electrician costs.  For Instance, Solar Lighting System is installed easily and the cost is nothing for the remainder of the light life. At AE LIGHT we are optimistic about the future for solar energy. Our endeavors are directed towards harnessing the sun’s clean and renewable energy to power our LED Solar Lights.

The sun is a gigantic fusion reactor that converts millions of tons of matter into energy every passing second. This energy reaches the earth in the form of visible light and infrared radiation.

We are continually advancing our LED Solar Lighting technology and offering a host of Solar lighting solutions for, Outdoor, courtyard, garden, walkway, Street, & Emergency solar lighting.

Our energy-saving solar lights are great for illuminating large & small areas with bright and shadow-free light with extended run time and maintenance-free operations.

Call now to see how we can help you save on your electric bill with our stand-alone LED solar lighting solutions.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 11 in