Remote Control Solar lights 12W LED

The SCMLR40 Solar LED Courtyard Light is completely self-contained and does not require an electrician to install. After installation, there are no electrical bills or maintenance required other than keeping the Solar Panel clean.

It consists of a high efficiency adjustable solar panel so optimum sun exposure can be achieved, micro-controller, infrared sensor, high-capacity lithium battery, and LED module, assembled into a compact weatherproof housing. The 12W 1800 lumen LED solar light is charged by a 40W/13.5V Solar panel for up to *24 hours of run time. This powerful Remote Control solar 12w led light is ideal for areas where supplemental lighting is needed for security or power is not available.

Save hundreds of dollars in installation costs as it can be installed without an electrician and utility power is not required. Just mount the Solar LED courtyard light to any flat surface adjust the solar panel for full exposure to the sun and its ready to go. A pole bracket is available if mounting on on a 3″ pole, post, tree or other surfaces. No special tools required. The adjustable mount allows for maximum charging by adjusting the angle of the solar panel for optimum sunlight exposure.


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Remote Control Solar 12W LED FEATURES:
  • Solar-powered outdoor lighting.
  • Integrated design.
  • Easy installation no special tools required.
  • Lithium battery, expected life before change 4-5 years
  • Remote Control
  • Light output adjusts automatically with a built-in infrared sensor.
  • Modular design. No wiring, assembly or maintenance.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Rust-proof, dustproof and waterproof. IP65
  • Light source: 12W LED
  • Battery: 10AH/9.6V Lithium
  • Adjustable Solar Panel: 40W
  • Overcharge & discharge protection
  • Charge Temperature: 0°C +- 60°C
  • Discharge Temperature: -20°C +- 60°C
  • Package Dimensions 2- per box: 26″/660mm(L) X 19″/475mm(W) X 11″/270mm
  • Net Weight (2 per box):33lb/15 Kg
  • Luminous flux: Bright mode: 1800lm
  • Dim mode:1500lm
  • Light Sensitivity: 30LUX
  • Light angle: 360°
  • Color temp: 3K-6K
  • Optimum Mounting height: 8.25′ -10’/2.5-3M
  • Installation distance between poles: 24-30’/8-10M

The SCMLR40 Solar courtyard LED Light runs at low mode until activated by infrared sensor switching to brighter illumination while traversing the area, returning to low mode to conserve battery power. It can also be set to turn on or off at specific time intervals. Ideal for home use in gardens, entrance ways, patios, campgrounds, & play areas.

*8 hours charge time in full sunlight required for maximum run time. Cloudy/rainy days will shorten run time. Cold temperatures below 30° F may cause the light to not charge fully.

Solar lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to save energy without lowering performance. AE LIGHT offers Remote Control solar 12w led, Solar lighting, designed to produce high levels of illumination at relatively low installation costs.

Installing outdoor solar lights eliminates the high cost of bringing power to an area without electricity. Typically the upfront cost of a Solar Light fixture is more than a standard fixture, but it is important to compare not only the upfront costs but the long term savings in energy, maintenance, replacement, and electrician costs. Once a Solar Lighting System is installed it virtually costs nothing for the remainder of the light life.

At AE LIGHT we are optimistic about the future for solar energy. Our endeavors are directed towards harnessing the sun’s clean and renewable energy to power our LED & Metal Halide Solar Lights.

The sun is a gigantic fusion reactor that converts approximately 5 million tones of matter into energy every passing second. This energy reaches the earth in the form of visible light and infrared radiation.

We are continually advancing our LED Solar Lighting technology and offering a host of Solar lighting solutions for, Outdoor, courtyard, garden, walkway, Street, & Emergency solar lighting.

Our energy-saving solar lights are great for illuminating large & small areas with bright and shadow-free light with extended run time and maintenance-free operations.

Call now to see how we can help you save on your electric bill with our stand-alone LED & Metal Halide solar lighting solutions.

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 11 in


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