LED 80W Remote Control SEARCHLIGHT

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Sale! For a limited time only, while supplies last. High Power LED Remote Control fixed or portable Searchlight. Light your targets thousands of feet away in all directions with a simple press of a button. Spot beam for longer distances, flood beam to light larger areas. Even beam with no dark spot. High/Medium/Low settings with SOS and Strobe modes.

Painted aluminum housing, sealed metal gears, Patent Pending Optical Lenses, hard plastic lens cover. Standard remote control distance of 328′ (optional 1312′ available).

This is the only Remote Control Searchlight that has rotation, tilt and focus beam all controlled by a push of the button. Ideal for fixed location, trucks, boats, helicopters, ATV’s, tractors, security lighting, and anywhere that light is needed to be controlled from a distance. Due to size and weight this light must be mounted for permanent installation. Portable batteries can be used but a stable mount must be provided.

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  • Remote Control LED Searchlight
  • 36 LED 80W
  • 7400 lm
  • Farthest beam throw (6° Spot Beam) 3936′
  • Adjustable beam: 6° – 30° (Remote control)
  • Rotation: 0° to 343° at 30°/sec. (Tilting the light while rotating will achieve a full 360°) (Remote control)
  • Tilt: -15° to +195° (Remote control)
  • IP65
  • Remote Control distance Standard: 328′
  • Remote Control distance (Optional): 1312′
  • LED: German Osram
  • Dimensions 255mm tall X 236mm wide (complete light with turnstile base), Base width 163mm, Light head depth 130mm
  • Weight: 26 lbs.

Maximum Light Intensity vs Distances AESL1840W

Distance / Beam Diameter 90M / 99’ 50M  / 164’ 100M / 328’ 500M / 1640’
822 lux / 5.2′ 298 lux / 8.6′ 74 lux / 17.2′ 3 lux / 85.9′
30° 38 lux / 26.5′ 13.5 lux / 43.9′ 3.3 lux / 87.9′ 0.13 lux / 439.4′
  • Input: 24VDC, Optional 120/220VAC Adapter. NOTE: 12VDC available on special order only. Higher current results in 12VDC input and is not recommended.
  • Recharge time: 10h (DC only)
  • Figures below based on using a 24V 26AH rechargeable battery.  NOTE: Battery is not attached to the light and is mounted separately. Light is designed for hard wire applications. The information below is for reference purposes only.
Use time full charge Continuous Strobe / SOS
Maximum (100% current) 15h 30h
Medium (50% current) 30h 60h
Regular (25% current) 60h 120h

Box Shipping Dimensions and weight: 16 X 20 X 21.5 – Weight: 40 Lbs.

Searchlights: High power, light weight and portable. Designed for law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, military & industrial users to light targets that flashlights cannot illuminate.

We have HID portable Searchlights and LED Remote Control Searchlights with controllable focus beam.

These searchlights are widely used by professionals in need of lighting targets that regular high power flashlights can not reach. They are compact and illuminate large areas making it easier to illuminate targets from long distances.

The intense beams of the HID Xenides and the LED Searchlights are good for self defense as well as personal security. The HID searchlights are powered by a 12VDC power cord or a rechargeable lithium ion battery for portable applications where power is not available. The LED Remote Control Searchlights are hard wired or can be powered by batteries for remote applications.

Five HID & 3 LED models to choose from:

AEX20 – 20W, 1200+ lumen professional pack
AEX25 – 25W, 1500+ lumen professional pack
AEX35/50 – 35/50W, 3200/4700+ lumen professional pack
AESL1840W 40W, 4200 Lumen AESL3680W 80W, 7400 Lumen AESL3680W-S 80W, 10,000+ Lumen

See for yourself how powerful these LED & HID searchlights really are. Order yours on line now. If you are involved with law enforcement, military, or other government agencies call for special pricing.


Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 9.3 in


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