Green Lens 560 nm

Xenide HID Searchlight forensic green filter 500-600 nm peaked at 560 nm. Green filters are used for forensics as well as helping with night vision. Some large animals do not see green making night photographing possible.

Enhances bodily fluids, & chemicals. For best results use Orange/Red glasses for optimum viewing. Comes with rubber lens holder. Fits all HID PowerLight and Xenide models.

PL/GREEN Filter is used in law enforcement forensics to enhance the following:

  • 505 nm – Body fluids (Saliva, urine, semen)
  • 515 nm – Bone, Bruises, Fingernails, Teeth
  • 525 nm – Fingerprint dyes like Rhodamine 6G & DFO, Fibers, Fingerprints developed with Super Glue, Fingerprints treated with Ninhydrin, Fingerprints fluorescent treated, Bite Marks (Older), Bruises (Older), DFO Prints
  • 555 nm – Bite Marks (Older), Bruises (Older), DFO Prints
  • 575 nm – Bite Marks (Older), Bruises (Older)
  • 590 nm – Altered Documents, Fiber, Fingerprint developed by Ninhydrin, Fluorescent backgrounds on documents, Documents, Fibers, Hair


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