Blue Forensic lens


Xenide HID Searchlight forensic blue filter 430-460nm peaked at 450nm.

Enhances bodily fluids, rodent droppings, chemicals, & insects. For best results use Yellow/Orange glasses for optimum viewing. Comes with rubber lens holder. Fits all HID PowerLight and Xenide models.

PL/BLUE-Filter is used in law enforcement forensics to enhance the following:

  • 445 nm Bite Marks (Fresh), Bruises (Fresh)
  • 450 nm Biological Stains, Fibers, hairs, Latent Fingerprints, Saliva, Semen, Sweat, Urine, Bite Marks, Blood Spatter, Proteins, Bruising, Cyanoacrylate, Fibers, Hairs, Pattern wounds. Narcotics including: Caffeine Base, Cocaine, Darvin, D-Amphetamine, Heroin, Librium, Rock-Cocaine, Ethyl Morphine HCI, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Morphine Sulfate, Opium, PCM, PCP, Pentobarbital
  • 455 nm Bite Marks, Blood (Treated with Fluorescein), Bone, DFO Prints, Fingernails, Gun shot Residue, Teeth
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