Assorted Projector Lamps

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The following projector bulbs are being offered for sale in a lot, quantities will be verified at time of shipment. We prefer to sell the entire lot and will entertain offers for partials. ALL LAMPS ARE NEW, UNUSED IN ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS BOXES. BRANDS ARE USHIO, EIKO, KEN-RAD,GE, PHILIPS (PRIVATE LABEL). Total count is 1,487 lamps. All offers considered.

Quantities Available:

  • EVD-153
  • ELH-96
  • DYS-53
  • EKE-2
  • ELC-2
  • EFR-2
  • EVW-8
  • EYB-32
  • ENX-31
  • FCS-10
  • FXL/5-10
  • FXL-610
  • EYB=448
  • EXR-30


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