120W Explosion Proof LED Tripod

120W Portable LED Explosion Proof tripod tower. Ideal for use in oil fields, chemical plants, power plants, petroleum, &  painting areas. This LED light tower produces 14,000 lumens or the equivalent of 250W-400W Metal Halide. Multiple input voltages makes this explosion proof LED light versatile for many applications. The LED’s are American made BridgeLux which will save 60% compared to equivalent Metal Halide of equal output. The LED Driver is Meanwell of Taiwan with a power factor of >0.98 for continuous stable performance.

The explosion proof LED light head has an adjustable and locking device on the bracket so it can be adjusted and fixed to light your working area, which is especially helpful when used in a harsh vibration location. The aluminum body is powder coated for anti corrosion, which is dust and water proof, suitable for use in wet or dusty environments. Flame proof protection makes it safe for use in all kinds of hazardous explosive envirionments.

Standard beams are 90° or 60° an optional 120° beam is available on Special Order Only. The light tower includes 90 ft., of SOW 16/3 cord and standard U.S. plug which needs to be plugged outside of the hazardous area, an optional Explosion proof plug is avaialble. 

Technical Specifications: (Call or email for light distribution and additional technical data)

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  • Input Voltage: 90-305VAC / 127-431VDC (Automatic sensing)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Anti Corrosion Grade: WF2
  • Insulation Grade: I
  • EX CODE: Ex d ll C T6/T5
  • Standard: GB3836.1, GB3836.2
  • IEC60079-1:2007, MOD
  • Gas Explosive environment: Group llA (Group D), llB (Group C), llC (Groups A & B)
  • Zone 1 (Class 1 Divison 1)
  • Zone 2 (Class 1, Division 2)
  • Zone 21 (Class II, Group E) (Where a combustible dust is likely to occur during normal operation)
  • Zone 22 (Class II, Group E) (Where combustible dust may occur infrequently for only a short time)
  • Temperature Class: T6
  • IP66 CSA or NEMA Enclosure 4, 4X

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