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Mag Lights have long been the flashlight staple of American consumers, until now. Drop those lame Halogens and upgrade to the world of eye blinding HID searchlights. Nothing quite describes the sensation of starring directly into this HID (High Intensity Discharge) Metal Halide flash light. The Xenide 25 is ultra bright and it’s power is reaffirmed by its sturdiness and size. When it’s powered on the bulb takes about 20 seconds to completely warm up. This is indicated by a flashing and a slight hue change. Power you ask? 50% of the body is made of the battery pack. Charging time is 4.5 hours and you’ll get about 2 hours of running time. The on/off switch, a button covered in rubber, didn’t have the same familiar Mag light click I’ve come to know, but after a few pushes and ‘wows’ of this light’s intensity I was forgetting about the cop’s choice of illumination. They’ve packed it in a sturdy and somewhat light weight plastic case. Included is an instruction manual, A/C charger and should strap. There’s no doubt that the Xenide 25 Flashlight would be ideal for campers, but its prowess is intended for those of the more intense recreation, such as cave exploring, spelunking or searching (as the name says) for border crossers or late night assassins – oh ya, it’s water proof.

Pros: Super bright, sturdy build, should strap, carrying case and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Cons: Heavy, battery life is just 2 hours, and on/off switch doesn’t offer the same tactical ‘click’ we all know, and slightly large in size

Reprinted From: http://www.gadgetreview.com/2008/09/ae-xenide-25-search-light-review.html

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