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Available in 20W & 25W the new AE Xenide is a total redesign of AE LIGHT’s popular HID PowerLight. AE Xenide incorporates new and improved reflector, improved performance ballast, and Patent Pending design.

Illuminating targets is made easy with the increase in lumen output. The 20W (AEX20) produces 1200 lumens while the 25W (AEX25) produces 1500 lumens. Run time for the AEX25 with standard battery is approximately 120 minutes. Run time for the 20W is approximately 70 minutes and can be increased to over 2 hours with optional high output battery module.

Designed for applications such as border patrol, maritime interdiction, search and rescue, law enforcement, EMS, and fire protection. It is competitively priced and is ideally suited for camping, hiking, motorcycling, boating, aviation, driving, facilities, or applications as vast as one’s imagination. AE Xenide performs well under all conditions. AE Xenide model AEX20, has been certified “Intrinsically Safe”, Class 1 Division 1, Group D, with an IP rating of IP68.

AE Xenide comes standard with black plastic travel case, AC charger; carry strap and lens cloth. Optional DC charger, colored filters, high output & waterproof battery modules are available.

AE Xenide is constructed of black hard-anodized cast aluminum. The on/off switch (first of its kind on HID searchlights) is located just behind the light head and is well balanced for ease of operation with one hand. The charger plug is conveniently located on the base of the end cap. For waterproof versions an optional battery charger stand is available for charging. Shoulder strap mounts, double as an anti roll feature.

Protective rubber lens and end caps help with shock absorption. AE Xenide is a self-defense tool as well. Shining its extremely bright light in an adversary’s eyes will force them to close their eyes or suffer temporary blindness.

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