Marine injured in Iraq

Marine injured in Iraq |

I’m back at home now on meds recovering.
I.E.D exploded on me in iraq. wall fell on me trapping me. woke up after 4 hours in the dark. no friendlies around! had several broken bones. only my right arm was free. was able to grab my PL24 off my belt and signal a drone ( overhead). the ONLY reason i lived was because that drone spotted me shining my light at it!
got a rescue 45 mins later. if not for my A.E. i was MIA for sure! got to the hospis a lil banged up but alive. sadly either i dropped ( when i passed out) or some 1 stole my light!!!. sure will miss that light!!..i guess i cant bitch it did save my life…the drone operator said ” i saw what looked like a lighthouse”.