Solar Courtyard Light 12W LED

SCL12/18 Solar Light

The SCL12/18 Solar LED Courtyard Light is completely self contained and does not require an electrician to install. After installation there are no electrical bills or maintenace required other than keeping the Solar Panel clean. It consists of a high efficiency solar panel, charge controller, infrared sensor, high-capacity lithium battery and LED module, assembled into a compact weatherproof housing. The 12W LED solar light is powered by a 18W solar panel for up to *24 hours in dim mode (600 Lumens) and *12 hours in high mode (1300 Lumens) . This powerful Solar LED light is ideal for areas where supplemental lighting is needed for security or no power available. Thousands of dollars in installation costs are saved since no hook up to the power company is required. Just mount the Solar LED courtyard light to any 3" pole, fence, tree branch, or building making sure the solar panel has full exposure to the sun and its ready to go. No special tools required. The adjustable mount allows for maximum charging by adjusting the angle of the solar panel for optimum sun light exposure. 

  • Solar powered outdoor lighting.
  • Integrated design.
  • Easy installation. 
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery, expected life before change 4-5 years
  • Light output adjusts automatically with built-in infrared sensor.
  • Modular design. No wireing, assembly or maintenance.
  • Compact and lite weight design.
  • Rust-proof, dustproof and waterproof. IP65
  • Light source: 12W LED
  • Solar Module: 18W
  • Over charge & discharge protection
  • Charge Temperature: 0°C +- 60°C
  • Discharge Temperature: -20°C +- 60°C
  • Dimensions: 20.25"/515mm(L) X 12.5"/320mm(W) X 2.25"/55mm (T) (Light Head)
  • Net Weight: 12.8lb/5.8 Kg
  • Luminous flux: Bright mode: 1300lm
  • Dim mode:600lm
  • Light Sensitivity: 30LUX
  • Light angle: 120 degree
  • Color temp: 6-7K
  • Optimum Mounting height: 10'/3M
  • Installation distance between poles: 25'/7M

The SCL12/18 Solar courtyard LED Light runs at low mode until activated by infrared sensor switching to brighter illumination while traversing the area, returing to low mode to conserve battery power. Ideal for home use in gardens, entrance ways, patios, camp grounds, & play areas.

Also available higher output models for brighter illumination and AC backup powered units for areas that have shorter sun shine. 

*8 hours charge time in full sunlight required for maximum run time. Cloudy/rainy days will shorten run time. Cold temperatures below 30° F may cause the light to not charge fully.