Ballast: Xenide replacement ballast for AEX20 & AEX20-EP™


Xenide 20W ballast. This is the replacement ballast for the AEX20 & AEX20-EP.

20W 12V DC intended use with screw on rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Simply unscrew the lamp head and battery of the old ballast and replace with the new HID ballast. Can also be used for OEM applications such as 20W HID Dive light or other 20W HID lights with 12VDC input.

Use with AEX/2600mAh / AEX2600-WP, AEX/4800mAh / AEC4800-WP Lithium rechargeable battery. Not intended for HID dive light applications. Please contact us for OEM 20W HID Ballast Dive Light applications.

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