Emergency Backup Solar Solutions

Never be without light again with our self contained Solar Lighting products. Our LED solar lights are designed to operate independent of the power grid. If you experience continuos power failures our LED and Metal Halide Solar Lights are the answer. The SolarMine Emergency backup Solar Lantern is the fastest charging solar lantern on the market with the longest running time. It is also ideal as a solar camping lantern, emergency back up light, RV Solar Light, boating light, disaster preparedness light. If you need to illuminate a larger area our SolarEyes Solar courtyard light can either be mounted permanently or can be mounted on a portable stand and moved around to suit your lighting needs. The SolarEye is completely self contained and fully automatic.
30W LED Solar Street Light 70560-AESCNH8030W LED Solar Street Light $678.00LED Portable Flood Light 1800 Lumens 70190-AERLS231815-24WLED Portable Flood Light 1800 Lumens $325.00Remote Control Solar 4W LED70320-SCMLR12Remote Control Solar 4W LED$224.00
Remote Control Solar 8W LED70325-SCMLR25Remote Control Solar 8W LED$322.00Solar Courtyard Light 12W LED SCL12/18Solar Courtyard Light 12W LED $525.00Solar Courtyard Light 8W LED SCL8/15Solar Courtyard Light 8W LED $449.00