Searchlight Accessories, Batteries, Filters, Ballasts, Chargers, Holders, Carry Bags, Seals, Power Cords

If you're looking to replace a part or enhance your HID Searchlight, you're in the right spot. Here you'll find: Replacement lamps and ballasts, Rechargeable batteries and charging systems Filters & lenses for your HID Handheld Searchlight Carrying Cases Seals And anything else you need to keep your high power searchlight performing at top notch, in top condition.
40W Remote Light 12VDC Power Pack7030-PS12V5A40W Remote Light 12VDC Power Pack$100.0040W Remote Light 24VDC Power Pack70385-PS24V4A40W Remote Light 24VDC Power Pack$100.0040W REMOTE LIGHT HOLDER70390-AEM184040W REMOTE LIGHT HOLDER$125.00
40W REMOTE LIGHT MAGNETIC HOLDER70395-AEM1840M 40W REMOTE LIGHT MAGNETIC HOLDER$135.0040W Remote Light Tripod70400-CT10304640W Remote Light Tripod$160.0080W REMOTE LIGHT HOLDER70490-80W Remote Mount80W REMOTE LIGHT HOLDER$165.00
Charger: 100/240VAC AEX35/50AEX3550-CHARGERCharger: 100/240VAC AEX35/50$75.00Charger: 120/240VAC AEX20, AEX25AEX/120ACCharger: 120/240VAC AEX20, AEX25$54.00Charger: DC 12/24VDC AEX20, AEX25AEX/12DCCharger: DC 12/24VDC AEX20, AEX25$60.00
Remote Light Power Cord70375-PCLA4MRemote Light Power Cord$75.00Xenide 11" Nylon carry bagPL14/BAGXenide 11" Nylon carry bag$20.00Xenide 12VDC Power Cord AdapterAEX/POWER CORDXenide 12VDC Power Cord Adapter$40.00