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HID Searchlight: High power, light weight and portable HID Searchlights were designed for law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, military & industrial users for use in hazardous areas where explosion proof lighting is required.

Xenide AEX20-EP and AEX25-EP were independently tested by Immana Laboratories to UL 783 and NFPA 70 standards, the EP versions are safe for use in explosive environments and are rated Class 1, Division 1 & 2 Groups A-F (all gases, & dusts except grain), T4A, and are the only HID handheld in this class. Industrial users now have powerful intrinsically safe HID lighting that are ideal for use in areas that explosive gases may exist and a portable powerful light is needed.

XENIDE® (zee-nide) HID handheld searchlights are widely used by professionals in need of lighting targets that regular high power flashlights can not reach. They are compact and illuminate large areas making it easier to illuminate targets from long distances.

The intense beam of the Xenides is good for self defense as well as personal security. Xenides are powered by a 12VDC power cord or a rechargeable lithium ion battery for portable applications where power is not available.

Six models to choose from:

AEX15/RP - 15W, 1000 lumen, entry level retail pack
AEX20 - 20W, 1200+ lumen professional pack
AEX25 - 25W, 1500+ lumen professional pack
AEX35/50 - 35/50W, 3200/4700+ lumen professional pack

See for yourself how powerful these hand held HID searchlights really are. Order yours on line now. If you are involved with law enforcement, military, or other government agencies call for special pricing.